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Welcome!  This site compiles a variety of science resources for Mr. Bennett's students and guest teachers.

With our group's large variety of abilities, interests, and schedules, trying to have everyone learn the same things in the same time frame is quite the task. It is my hope that this site and the resources I have created and compiled for it will help me to meet the needs of every student.

Science is often taught as though it were a collection of facts that we should memorize.  I prefer to think of science as a process through which we discover our world.  A large part of that process is communication with colleagues.  As such, communication between students and with the teacher will be of paramount importance.  During the school day, we can accomplish this through face-to-face interactions.  Outside of the school day, we'll be using email and YouTube to connect. 

Please explore this site as we go through our class together.  Contact me and your peers frequently with questions and ideas. Utilize a variety of resources to learn.  Make mistakes, then work to understand and correct them.  Be curious and ask questions.

Daily notes can be found at the following locations:

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